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Camps for 10-16-year-olds

6.08. — 12.08.2017.

The camp programme is suitable for children aged from 10 to 16.
We organise the camp on the dates when it is possible to swim outdoors and enjoy not only the days but also the warm and adventurous evenings of the camp.


  • The camp will take place at the guest house “RAKARI”, 5 minutes walk to the beach.
    Wich means volleyball, sand castles and sun, all the things a clean and natural seaside can bring.
  • Four meals a day and snacks in between.
  • Initiation.
  • Outdoor cinema night.
  • Talent show.
  • Annual Spēkaruksis Festival.
  • Olympic Sports Day.
  • Attractions from the inflatable attractions manufacturer Latvijas Gumijlēcēju Klubs – we are the only camp that offers such a wide variety of inflatable attractions in a camp!
  • Muddy Gladiator wrestling, Sumo wrestling.
  • Building rafts and water catapults. The Engineer Mārtiņš will assist us.
  • Sports, volleyball, football etc.
  • Night trek as well as planning the “CampOrganiser Challenge” night trek.
  • Checkpoint orientation – hiking with obstacles.
  • We will involve celebrities and the best professionals in the everyday life of the camp – we will discuss careers and how to find your own career opportunities in the sea of offers.
  • There will be a photo session during camp – we will be visited by a photographer and film maker. There will be opportunities to get involved in making a film about life at camp.
  • We will make our own video clips that will be cut into a longer movie.
  • Themed parties – if anyone has a birthday during camp, we will organise the best party!
  • Campfire picnics.
  • The special ‘’sweet’’ coupons of Spēkaruksis, diplomas.
  • Involvement of trainers, instructors and organisers.
  • Necessary camp equipment and materials.
  • Transport services.
  • Insurance.
  • Digital photographs and videos taken during camp.

Become one of the participants who collects the highest number of coupons and gets a chanse to win a gift card for a flight with AERODIUM.

Special reminder – when preparing for camp, consider bringing a set of clothes you will most likely throw out!
These will come in handy during Sports Day and other events!
The most important things you must not leave at home when coming to enjoy the most awesome summer week of 2016 are; joy, a willingness to make new friends and your smile! 



A loyalty 19 EUR discount for previous year’s campers.
Bring a friend and both of you will receive a 10 EUR discount.

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